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 Application Rules

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Application Rules Empty
PostSubject: Application Rules   Application Rules Icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2010 11:26 pm

Anyone may apply to be a member of the Shadow Elites. We do, however, want our members to follow our rules.

Rule 1 - Be courteous to your fellow clan members. No flaming, trolling, or baiting of clan members.

Rule 2 - Be aware that in a group situation, your opinion is not the sole controlling one. There are many different points of view represented, so keep that in mind.

Rule 3 - Try to accept invites from fellow clan members as much as possible. This way, the clan gets stronger as a whole.

Rule 4 - No illegal activities. That means no public hacking. If you'd like to set up a Private Match that you hack in some way, let us know by making a topic in the appropriate forum.

Rule 5 - Have fun! Remember, this is just a group of people banding together to have more fun in a game. If you're not having fun, you shouldn't play the way you are, or perhaps not at all. Video games are meant to be enjoyable things, so enjoy them!

For breaking Rule 1, you will be warned via Private Message, and if you appear in the chatbox, you will be messaged there. For a second offense, you will receive a sterner warning, and a temporary ban from the chatbox. If you break that rule a third time, you will be banned from the clan. If you'd like to appeal your ban, you can contact an Admin from the Memberlist.

For breaking Rule 4, you will be banned from the clan. If you'd like to appeal your ban, you can contact an Admin from the Memberlist, though it would help your chances if you removed your hacks from your Wii.

Post somewhat like this when making an application:

IGN (In-Game Name):
Prestige | Level: # | ##
Hacks: (Yes, No)
Friend Code:

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Application Rules
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